Does your home have
Diverter Flashing?

90% of homes with gutter to wall transitions are missing required diverter flashing

Why do I need diverter flashing?

Without diverter flashing installed, water will leak beside your gutter, and behind your siding, causing wood rot, siding damage, paint peeling, masonry deterioration, structural damage, mold, insect infestations and heat loss.  This will cost thousands of dollars in repairs if not addressed.

This video shows water leaking beside your gutter due to missing diverter flashing.

This video shows how to determine if you are missing diverter flashing and where the diverter flashing goes.

How to determine if you are missing diverter flashing?

In order to determine if you have diverter flashing, you will need to look at any area where your gutters butt up against the side of your house. Proper diverter flashing can typically be seen from the ground. You should see a substantial piece of metal sticking out of the wall directly above the end of the gutter. If it is not visible from the ground it is likely missing or improper. View the pictures below to determine if you have or need diverter flashing installed on your home.

missing diverter flashing


diverter flashing Installed


diverter flashing Installed

diverter flashing Installed

Diverter flashing is now required by building code. In 2009 the building code was updated to include the requirement of this diverter flashing. Inspectors are calling out this missing diverter flashing as a code violation and are requiring homeowners to install them before they can sell their homes. Installing the diverter flashing will satisfy the code requirements and stop any rotting from progressing, saving you thousands in costly repairs.

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